Ovoneve technical sheets

Stabilized highly whipping albumin in powder only for professional cooking

Directions for use
Mix slowly the product with 10 times its weight of water until completely melted, then whip normally
(see Rehydration of Ovoneve).

Product lasting
24 months

Bags of 15 or 25 KG each

Chemical features / whipping capacity / stability
pH 5,30
Whipping* (cm) 14
Tightness* (minutes) 18
Dripped* for 30 minutes (ml) 6
*Stability and whipping test

Microbiologic features
Total bacterial contents 5.000 per g max
Yeast and mould 10 per g max
Salmonella absent in 50 g

Protein 80% Min.
Ashes 5% Max.
Humidity 8% Max.
Carbohydrates 4% Max.
Other microelement 6% + o – 1% c.a.

Nutritional values per 100 g of product
375 Kcal / 1570 Kj

Ovoneve in Pastry
Ovoneve can be used for Spumiglie, Nougat, Italian Meringue, Macaroon, Marzipan, Icing and every recipe of Italian traditional pastry in which albumen is used; it can be used to stabilize together with fresh or pasteurised albumen and to whipping cream; to gelatinise Bavarian creams and “panna cotta” in order to reduce fat level.

Ovoneve in Professional Cooking
Ovoneve is used for thickening the fillings and coverings of breadcrumbs, for whipping soufflés, for thickening sauces.

Ovoneve data sheets

Ovoneve – Product presentation

Ovoneve – Whipping stability