Preparation to whipping of Ovoneve

Mix one part of product with some of the sugar. Add 10 times Ovoneve’s weight of water, better warm water, then whip normally.

Keep whisking slowly until complete whipping, for 6-10 minutes.

Whip more in order to obtain a thicker mixture.
The product can be hydrated using any non-fat liquid, as for instance strawberry’s pupl or lemon juice if you want to obtain a fruit ice-cream cake!


T R A D I T I O N A L    M E R I N G U E    by the Master Pier Paolo Magni

“A most crumbly and light meringue is easy to prepare with Ovoneve. It does not easily go runny and you can well add dried fruit, flavour and also cocoa in grains”.

25 g Ovoneve
250 g water
150 g sugar (1)
150 g sugar (2)
200 g sugar (3)

Blend Ovoneve with sugar (1) hydrate and whip.
At half whipping add sugar (2).

Whisk with a hand whisk adding sugar (3).

Pipe rosettes as preferred.

Bake in a half-open oven at 120°-130° until dried out.

On the left a meringue prepared with albumen and on the right one prepared with Ovoneve.


F I N G E R    B I S C U I T S    by the Master Pier Paolo Magni

Ovoneve makes easy to prepare soft and light finger biscuits. They become tipically porous without making crumbles”.

36 g Ovoneve
50 g sugar (1)
360 g water
240 g egg yolks
150 g sugar (2)
250 g flour
100 g starch
lemon zest

Mix Ovoneve and sugar (1) carefully, hydrate and whip until stiff.

Whisk by hand the egg yolks and sugar (2) and and blend them together.

Mix and sieve the flour, the starch and fold in gently.

Cut into slices or single fingers and sprinkle the sugar.

Bake in half-open oven at 240° for 5-6 minutes.