OvoneveYour problem solving albumen”


Ovoneve whisks 25% more than to fresh albumen and it is 5 times more stable!



Ovoneve - packageAlbumen is a basic ingredient in pastry and ice-cream making, especially appreciated for whipping, thickening, gelatinising and whisking.
Unfortunately if you use fresh albumen you must face two kind of problems:
• An hygienic problem, because this rough material is extremely perishable, so there are many difficulties to stock it.
• A technological problem, as the performance of fresh albumen is quite irregular due todifferent contents of proteins and sugars. Ovoneve was born in order to solve these problems, to avoid the use of additives, whippers, whiskers and thickeners and to return to nature. It is a product gatheritng all of the benefits of fresh albumen… and no flaws.

Ovoneve - Maestro Pier Paolo MagniThe Master Pier Paolo Magni

My friend Leonardo (the Ovoneve inventor) asked me to use its product OVONEVE in some of my CAST Alimenti recipes, in order to verify whether it was possible to use it successfully in pastry and ice-cream making.
I first have to say that Leonardo Ricci is not only a charming and joyful person, but he is also competent and mindful. His products will certainly be successful ones.
I can declare (as you will see in the enclosed files) that the results we obtained are definitely good, for meringue as well as for decorations; everything is perfectly lasting (albumen, decoration icing, baked meringue etc…).
This new product surely has to be “understood” and to be used according to the instructions of “the preparation files”.

Ovoneve - Maestro Pier Paolo MagniI think that we must pay
great attention to prepare “Ovoneve hydrating”. In fact only a perfect dilution allows the exceptional whipping and lasting performances of the mixture.
I like the way to eliminate granulation also in case of excessive whipping and that no syneresis takes place when mixed with whipped cream. This element as well as many other ones bring me to appreciate particularly Ovoneve so that I invite my pastry cooks and ice-cream makers colleagues to try it, because I am sure that the product is just very good.
Pier Paolo Magni


Ovoneve can be purchased directly from us in bags 25 KG (in a single bag); write us to know the price and the payment conditions.